ARTAS Robot-Assisted Precision Harvesting

Using advanced image-guided robotics, the ARTAS Harvesting System precisely dissects follicular units thousands of times in a single session. Intuitive controls and intelligent algorithms select and harvest the most viable hair for transplant.

  • Conserves Natural look of patient’s donor area, while Identifying and harvesting optimal grafts at the appropriate angle and depth.
    Produces minimal scarring and healthy grafts by using patented dissection
  • Reduces the potential for Human error and graft damage

ARTAS Robot-Assisted Site Making

ARTAS Artificial Intelligence™ algorithms represents a significant advancement in hair restoration with unique benefits:

  • Identifies and protects existing permanent hair
  • Creates precise recipient sites
  • Facilitates an appealing result with an optimal aesthetic pattern
  • Reduces human fatigue
  • Provides consistent, reproducible results